Hi. welcome to the Marakwet  language project  website. Indeed you will be able to know what we have done as a language group and also what we intend to do.

Your input towards this language development is highly welcome, we cherish and value you.

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Jesus Film 1

Sineema nyēpō Yēēsu 1

Play this part of Jesus Film and if you want to play more you click here

Marakwet Language Commitee

This is a groups of persons drawn from diffent churches in the Marakwet Community. The quide in languge development and some also help as Reviewers. Click here to read Marakwet Bible listen the audio

When Jesus come

When Jesus come

W e have some songs that were composed from the New  Testament   by the Marakwet singers soon after its dedication.  Play it. And if you want to listen more you  click here.

Cultural song


The Marakwet people have a rich culture where they express themselve on. Here we show a lovely  Marakwet folk  song.  Please, click here and play!

We have  literacy classes that run  in the community. The teachers dedicate their time and energies to ensure that the comminty have the  required knowledge. If You want to  listen what they have recorded pertaining health  you click here





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