Marakwet Language History

The journey to the development of  Marakwet language began as a result  of the  visit of Ken Greenly and his wife Judy who were from  Wycliffe Bible Translators. Their report is as follows as per their letter dated 21/8/1982 which reads:

Report on the Trip to

Kerio Valley


  On Saturday , August 7,  1982 Judy and I  and our family began our trip to Kerio Valley to visit among the Endo. Wetravelled 1068 kilometres , using 419litres of petrol, costing $355.20.

We visited all  of the towns from Chesegon to Chesongoch on the valley floor,and from Chesoi to Chebiemit on the escarpment. We visited and toured all five clinics /hospitals in the area. We met with District officer, Mr.E .K.Kimari, with the chief of Endo Location, Chief James Chelang'a, the former chief, chief  Kisang' Kirop,  and the Asst. Education officer of Basic Education  for Tot Division , Mr. Joram  Chemeitoi. In addition, we talked with the head master of Tot Secondary School , Mr. Samuel Kipkeu, the head master of Tot Primary School, Mr. Benjamin Cheserek , and the head master of Chesegon primary School , Mr .Andrew Karikow.  We  met with Father Benedict and Father Lucas at Chesongoch and Chesoi respectively, and with Elija  Kanda, directorof Catholic hospital  at Chesoi.

In the Valley , we met with pastors Samuel of Liter, William of Chebilil, Joseph of Tot, and Job of Kamogo. I spoke at the church camp  which was bieng held  for over 100 Endo young people, and talked  individually with a number of  participants. On the escarpment,  I addressed  a conference of church leaders from the 16 churches of the area, giving  greetings and briefly explaining our  proposed   project of Bible Translation into Kiendo. I then talked at length with the following representatives of those churches, answering  questions about our possible role in translation of the scriptures:

1 Mzee Job kibor , A.I.C Kapsowar( Endo)

2 Mzee Joseph Kibor, A.I.C Kapsowar ( Endo)

3 Mzee Ezekiel Chebor, A.I.C Chebara ( Kew)

4 Mzee Herman Yano,  A.I.C Chebara (Kew)

5 Mr David Cheserek,   A.I.C Chorwo ( Chesoi)

6 Mr David Chelimo ,   A.I.C  Kapsowar ( Talai)

7 Mr James  Rotich ,   A.I.C  Kapsowar ( Talai)

8 Mr Edwin Suter, A.I.C  Kapsowar (Endo)

9  Pr. Edward Cheboi  , A.I.C  Kapsowar  ( Talai)

10  Rev Samuel Cheserek, A.I.C Kamasia   ( Talai)

11 Mr Richard Kibiwott A.I.C Suwerwo   ( Talai). click here to see more of the work done by Bible Translation and Literacy

Our Marakwet language development and Translation journey  has been  a very long one, but imagine at the moment we  have completed  28 books of the old Testament,  we are left with  11 books in order for us to complete the old Testament which later usher the whole Bible into the community. Kindly pray  that God will continue to strengthen us and protect our families.